Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adding upper shelving to built-ins

I decided to keep the uppers shallow as to not block the window..which  meant I could use MDF 12"x 8' boards which are under $6.00 each.... I was going to take a break and not install these uppers at this point but I figured why not just get it done now. 

I really love having 9' ceilings, these built-ins are so tall.
I used 1x3" pine to create these simple boxes I attached them using Kregjig pocket holes.

 Here I am testing out some shelf placement.
As you can see creating these boxes is really simple 4 boards and 2 sides that's it, this will all be hidden. I can use these pieces that lay up against the wall to attach the boxes to studs in the wall.

Today I will work on the shelves which will be thick 2" shelves....I just don't know if they will be painted or stained...I will know when I go shopping for materials.
See you soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

5 weeks of dining room improvements

I can't believe I have been slowly plugging away at this dining room project for 5 weeks when last year it took me 2 weeks to complete a coffered ceiling and flooring install in my family room , spraining my ankles this summer has really changed how quickly I first.

 How can installing doors and knobs be the hardest part of a project like this....but it always is...turns out I was given not quite the right screws for the knobs, well that caused a lot of frustration...making a simple jig for the knobs prooved harder than it seemed resulting in the first door having the wrong holes being drilled so that mean a repair...and finding the correct screws to replace the ones that had been broken in my attempts to install the knobs resulted in a very long search for the correct screws...european hardware!!!! So I am relieved the doors are in and the knobs are on and I can move on to the floor.

 I am loving all this new storage.

Hopefully I will get to the uppers very soon because I can't wait to see how it looks. I am getting excited to get this room put back together, I think the ceiling will have to wait till after the new year...I need to focus on Christmas.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dining room update...priming and painting

 After taking some time to consider my choices I thought I would go ahead and try painting the built in white, well Vermont Cream...I had planned on painting it dark but I started to question it and when I asked my husband what he thought he said white...I am very unsure about the white but I am going to follow through with this current direction.
 I drilled a hole and used this outlet cover to keep it looking clean, I will be keeping the printer in the far cabinet so I needed the cord to fit through to the outlet.
 I picked up a fresh paint tray and some velour rollers for the smoothest hand rolled finish...
 when I saw this photo I thought it was the perfect compromise of the dark and white...I think these built ins are beautiful and if mine look anything like this overall look I will be happy.
 I wanted to show a pic of the backside of the filled pocket holes...they look pretty good I think.
 I have one more coat of paint to complete and then tomorrow I will be able to install all of the doors.
 I'm hoping I will love the way the brass hardware will look... then its time to install the tops and then it will be time to sand the floors then stain them. We might just have a dining room for Christmas.
Let's all enjoy the before...