Saturday, March 24, 2012

flooring day ...

 We woke up bright and early this Saturday morning to enjoy some coffee and slowly wake up. I think we were a little nervous at what may be ahead but we finally dove right in.
You know the hardest part is getting things started and straight, this took some serious time but we got things started off well .
 After living with sub floors for almost a month I can say I will not miss any part of them. We let the kids do a little doodling .
It's tough to have such a dirty surface , things just never feel clean.

We cleared out the table and chairs , refrigerator and even the island. The cabinets were shimmed with scraps of hardwood flooring so that we could install our own flooring under the cabinets as well. This meant there was a lot of hard work involved in getting those floor boards under the cabinets , back breaking work. But we did it , well most of it. We will finish it tomorrow.
We are getting closer to having a stove , all we now need is to complete the install and stain then top coat the floors and then its installation time.

It has been very very messy. 
 Here is the transition into the family room. The family room floor will come later , all I care about now is getting rid of all the sub floor , I have priorities.
So far so good , it looks great so far and it has gone down rather smoothly. Having all the right tools for the job makes such a big difference, it makes everything run much more smoothly.

We have decided to take a break for tonight after working at it for 9 hours, oh my aching back.
We will begin again tomorrow and will get the kitchen done and the hall and hopefully the powder room also. Wish us luck . See you again Monday .


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

You finished so much! It has to feel great - and soon so clean! I'm enjoying following your progress.

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Wow, 9 hours! You guys sure know how to stick with it. I guess the sub floor is a big motivator to keep going when you start to get tired. You will make it beautiful, Chris, no doubt about it.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

It looks fantastic. I believe you said it was a pine floor, but I'm assuming from the look of it that you didn't use tongue and groove flooring. How did you lay it down. I hope you took some photos while you were doing it and can give us a blow-by-blow later.

Jessica said...

Wow, what a difference already!!! It has got to be wonderful to see all of the hard work pay off!

Pine Tree Home said...

Looking great! Keep at it. You'll be so happy when it's done.

Cynthia said...

Lookin good!!! I agree, sub floors, just always feel and look nasty!
P:S Ate at your Jack Astors last night! So, yummy!


Susan said...

I bet you are feeling much happier now that the sub flooring has been covered!

Razmataz said...

It is going to look amazing. I am wanting to replace my awful floors, so I am watching closely your project.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Ah, I love wood floors!